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Natural Remedies For Bone Pain

Who not to suffered from pain in the bones, i suppose that the vast majority of readers who are now reading my post and who are looking for natural remedies to counteract this unbearable pain and the susceptibility of bones is causadon by many factors from fractures poorly bandaged, dislocaduras, infection, tumor and up to poor nutrition, ocacionana the various bone diseases that affect our bones.

 In recent years the natural medicine, is capturing more followers to be effective, and not to possess economic side effects. In this occasion I would like to know the natural remedies for the health of your bones, which used the ancient Peruvians and that in the present level to Peru are widely used against the bone diseases.

i hope you can take advantage of this information thanks.

7 Natural Remedies For Bone Health

1) The Chuchuhuasi:

a) ¿What is Chuchuasi? : is a tree native to the Amazon jungle of Peru that gets to measure 30 meters in height is characterized by having long leaves, white flowers and have reddish brown bark or very hard. Possesses energy properties, medicinal and invigorating, and it is therefore recommended as sexual restorative, to eliminate the rheumatic pains, tumors, lung disorders, among others. Amazonian communities already used for centuries as one of their natural remedies for the health

b) Chemical Composition: The bark and root: contain fenoldienonas with skeleton saponoside and proantocyanidins alefacept is in; saponins, steroids, phenol derivatives, vitamins, and starches; in addition, it contains maytenina, metilepigalocatequina, hidroxitingenona, benzoil,diacetilmayteina, catéquicos tannins, maytansina, Mayteina and tingenona. Among its active principles we can name: alkaloids, "catechines", flavonoids, Quinones, coumarins, Phenols, saponins, tannins, organic acids, etc.

c) Properties:

  • sexual stimulant, it increases the libido (male and female). - Tones, balances and  strengthens the female hormonal system. 
  • Corrects the menstrual irregularities and fighting the pain and cramps that produces. 
  • Is analgesic, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory in the affections of bones and joints. 
  • ANTIRHEUMATIC, used for arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis) and lumbar pain. 
  • Combats the stomach disorders
  • Strengthens the immune system 
  • Protects against radiation -counteracts liver problems and kidney inflammations

Preparation of the Chuchuasi as one of your natural remedies to combat the pain of bones:

Chop 250 g of chuchuhuasi bark macerate with alcohol (18 °) or brandy for three months. The last period of maceration, have a drink every morning daily, you'll notice that the constant sensitivity to the bones will fade gradually over a period of time.

2) The Huacapurana:

a)What is the huacapurana?: It is a medium-sized tree that grows in the Amazon jungle of Peru. There are three types of huacapurana (Campsiandra angustifolia, Campsiandra comosa and Campsiandra laurifolia) but that is used to prepare natural remedies is the Campsiandra angustifolia. The part that most useful for the development of natural remedies is the crust. 

b) Advantages:

  • it is tonic 
  • is antiarthritic 
  • is antiulcerous 

c) main uses 

  • fight against malaria
  • relieves arthritis and rheumatism)
  • helps to heal wounds, cure ulcers 
  • And powerful tonic

Natural Remedy for the Pain of the Bones with the Huacapurana: 

in a liter of aguarardiente fit chopped piece of bark (20g) macerate for 7 days take a small cup of the macerated one each morning.

3) Huamansamana

a) ¿What is The Huamansamana? : Is a tree that grows in the Peruvian Amazon is very long, its wood is used by the natives for the construction of its traditional houses and their leaves as natural remedies against various kinds of diseases. 

b) Properties of the huamansamana:

  • help to lower the fever 
  • soothes the pain of the bones 
  • is a good treatment for acute respiratory infections.

Natural Remedy for the Pain of Bones with the leaves of the huamansamana:

You need to boil 30 tender leaves of huamansamana in a liter of water during 20 min approximately after tallying the infusion to remove the waste and take a cup four times a day.

4) Ginger:

a) ¿What is the Ginger? : It is a plant that grows 90 cms whose root is highly prized for its spicy flavor, and aroma is used to give a touch exotic aroma and flavor to foods. It is also used to prepare natural remedies to help relieve various ailments. 

b) Medicinal Properties:

  • Cure colds or bronchial conditions. 
  • This is good for arthritis 
  • Relieves digestive problems, respiratory and migraine, etc.

c) Natural Remedies for the Health of their Bones on the basis of Ginger: 

The peel three kilos of ginger, crush the three kilograms and cooking in a liter of water to slow fire, to form is gradually evaporating water will be a thick syrup, take a small glass of this syrup three times a day.

To let macerate with pure alcohol 200g of ginger for seven days and apply as rubbing lotion on the affected area.

5) Llantén (Plantain).

a)What is the plantain? : It is an herbaceous plant very common, which grows on dry land, slopes, edges of roads and places not crop is very used as a natural remedy world-wide in the cure of pains and injuries. 

b)Medicinal properties: 
- Is a great anti-inflammatory, both in the internal use such as external. 
- Has healing properties 
-warns against ulcers of malignant origin. 
-Removes the cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood 
- is a good solvent of lipids.

 c) Natural Remedy for Pain in bones, with Plantain.

 Extract the juice from six sheets of plantain and take a teaspoon with the main meals.

6) Paico.

a) What is the Paico: it is a grass of aromatic leaves and small flowers, which reaches to grow 40 cm, emits a strong, this plant is applied much as a natural remedy for diseases of the digestive tract, but not only serves for that type of diseases if not that it is also a good heatsink arthritic pain and everything related to the skeletal system let's look at its properties. 

b) Medicinal Properties of Paico.

  • Eliminates cramping, muscle cramps, stomach pain, dyspepsia, hemorrhoids, pneumonia, dysmenorrhea.
  • relieves the inflammations of the urinary tract. -Removes worms in the child of any age. 
  • Is anti-inflammatory of joints and antirheumatic, etc.

c) Natural Remedy for the Health of the Bones with the Paico.

In infusion, divides a handful of leaves in four parts, using one of these parties to make the infusion in a liter of water and take a cup twice a day, for seven days.

7) The Cat's Claw.

a) what IS The Cat's Claw: It is a plant that grows in Peru, called cat's claw, because of the large curved thorns that grow along its stem. The Indians of Peru, especially Ashaninca have used for centuries as one of its natural resources.

b) Combat diseases that cat's claw:

  • to relieve the anti-inflammatory diseases such as arthritis
  • to cleanse the digestive tract
  • prevents cancer.
  • combat dysentery
  • recovery from childbirth.
  • The fight against women's hormonal imbalances.

c) Main benefits of cat's claw:

  • Is immunostimulating: increases gafocitica activities, stimulates the production of lymphokines, is useful in cancer, AIDS, systemic candidiasis, etc.
  • anti-inflammatory.
  • antirradiclaes free: it is effectively combating inflammatory processes, cancer, fever and exposure to radiation.
  • anti-mutagenic and cytostatic.
  • Anti-virus.
  • -detoxifying and resolve digestive tract.
  • -Anafrodisíaca is for males.
  • -Antiplatelet.
  • -Protection of erythrocytes against toxic.

d) Natural remedy for sore bones with cat's claw

Boil two tablespoons of bark chopped in a liter of water for 30 minutes, then sieved to remove residual liquid. take a cup of cat's claw three times a day for three months. Note that it is advisable to eat the cat's claw in its native form (the bark of the plant)
before their derivatives (tablets, etc).

I hope this information long ago. Please discuss your concerns and if they need some natural remedies for any disease. just leave a comment specifying the type. thanks to another publication.

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